1982-85 Pittsburgh Penguins Sunday Alternate Jerseys

1982-85 Pittsburgh Penguins Sunday Alternate Jerseys

Home Jersey


Manufacturer: Sandow

General Athletic


Material: Mesh

Crest Notes:Silkscreened

General Athletic

Tagging Notes: Stall & Dean tag in collar

Year number tag

No tags in General Athletic

Misc. Notes: 

Equipment Manager: John Doolan


The Penguins were one of the first teams to use a third jersey (1982-83) and continued using the jersey through the 1984-85 season.

In 1982-83, the team introduced their alternate, or Sunday, home jersey. That season’s team jerseys were made by Sandow SK (Sport Knit).

In 1983-84 the second set of Penguins gold were made by General Athletic.

CCM made the gold jerseys, with solid black collars, in 1984-85 – the last year they were worn.

The Pens would not have an alernate jersey for another 11 seasons.

Mario Lemieux only wore gold in the preseason of his rookie year in 1984-85.

Season Highlights & Statistics

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