1993-2000 Pittsburgh Penguins Home Jerseys

1993-2000 Pittsburgh Penguins Home Jerseys

Home Jersey


Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Ultrafil

Crest Notes:Embroidered, twill lettering

Tagging Notes: CCM in collar/

Misc. Notes: 

Equipment Manager: Steve Latin


The start of the 1992-93 season saw the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champions in brand new uniforms.

Under the ownership of Howard Baldwin, artist Gary Adams (of Vance, Wright and Adams) who designed two new jerseys to replace the skating penguin logo.

The home jersey, made by CCM, featured the new look logo with a streamlined head of a penguin. A modern “V” on the shoulder areas was an integral part of the jersey.

The 1992-93 home jerseys featured a patch that celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup.

Starter produced the team jerseys, first in a mesh style, in 1995-96 through 1998-99.

ProPlayer made the jerseys in 1999-00.

This last version of this style jersey, made by CCM, was used until 2002-03.

The NHL played its first World All Stars v. North American All Stars in the 1998 All Star Game in Vancouver. Jaromir Jagr’s home Penguins jersey featured a Czech Republic flag on the upper right chest.

The Pittsburgh Penguins played the Nashville Predators in “Game ONe” in Japan on October 7 & 8th of 2000. The team wore both home and road jerseys with the Japan Game ONe patch (right).

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