Pittsburgh Penguins All-time Captains

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• The Penguins did not have a captain from 1970 to 1973. Three players wore the “A” for alternate captain.

• The Pens did not use a captain in 2006-07.

• On May 31, 2007, Sidney Crosby was named the team captain, the youngest in NHL history.

It is obvious to all of us – coaches, players, management staff “ that he has grown into the acknowledged leader of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  It is only appropriate that he wears the “C” as team captain.
RAY SHERO, Penguins general manager, commenting on the day Sidney Crosby was promoted to captain.

Back row: McDonald, Schock, Pronovost, Kindrachuk, Carlyle & Bullard Front row: Ruskowski, Frawley, Lemieux, Francis, Jagr & Crosby

1967-68Ab McDonald
1968-69Earl Ingarfield
1970-73No Captain
1973-77Ron Schock
1977-78Jean Pronovost
1978-81Orest Kindrachuk
1981-84Randy Carlyle
1984-86Mike Bullard
1986-87Mike Bullard & Terry Ruskowski
1987-88Dan Frawley & Mario Lemieux
1988-90Mario Lemieux
1990-91Mario Lemieux, Paul Coffey, John Cullen, Randy Hillier
1991-94Mario Lemieux
1994-95Ron Francis
1995-97Mario Lemieux
1997-98Ron Francis
1998-01Jaromir Jagr
1999-00Martin Straka
2001-02Mario Lemieux
2002-03Mario Lemieux
2003-04Mario Lemieux, Steve McKenna*
2005-06Mario Lemieux
2006-07No Captain
2007 -Sidney Crosby (named May 31, 2007)