Pittsburgh Penguins Rescheduled Games

Pittsburgh Penguins Rescheduled Games2020-03-12T14:29:01-04:00

Here is a list of postponed / rescheduled games involving the Pittsburgh Penguins:

ScheduledActual VisitorHomeReason for reschedule / Result of game
1/10/711/6/71PittsburghPhiladelphiaCBS Televison adjusted Philadelphia's schedule to play Montreal on national tv on 1/10/71. Philadelphia won, 4-3.
10/29/7410/28/74PittsburghLos AngelesOne of four NHL games moved because of Ali-Foreman fight from Zaire ("Rumble in the Jungle" on closed-circuit tv) Los Angeles won, 2-0.
1/26/781/31/78PittsburghDetroitSnowstorm in Detroit; make-up game had Pens playing four games in five days. Pittsburgh won, 5-3.
4/3/784/2/78TorontoPittsburghAcademy Awards on television. Pittsburgh won, 6-3.
10/27/793/11/80PhiladelphiaPittsburghTicket takers and ushers strike at Civic Arena. Philadelphia won, 4-3.
3/22/833/21/83PittsburghVancouverSnowstorm in Washington. Vancouver won, 7-3.
1/4/8611/4/85NY RangersPittsburghMoscow Dynamo played Pittsburgh. NY defeated the Penguins, 4-2.
4/2/924/16/92PittsburghNY RangersNational Hockey League strike. Rangers top Penguins, 7-1.
4/4/924/15/92WashingtonPittsburghNational Hockey League strike. Pittsburgh defeated Washington, 4-1.
4/5/924/13/92PittsburghNew JerseyNational Hockey League strike. Devils won, 5-1.
3/13/933/14/93PittsburghNY IslesSnowstorm in New York. Penguins won, 3-2.
3/18/933/20/93PhiladelphiaPittsburghBlizzard of 1993 / east coast airport closures. Pittsburgh defeated Philadelphia, 9-3.
3/20/933/30/93OttawaPittsburghBlizzard of 1993 / east coast airport closures. Pittsburgh defeated Ottawa, 6-4.
3/25/933/18/93WashingtonPittsburghBlizzard of 1993 / east coast airport closures. Penguins beat the Capitals, 7-5.
4/15/93.3/25/93New JerseyPittsburghBlizzard of 1993 / east coast airport closures. Pittsburgh won the game, 4-3.
4/19/134/20/13PittsburghBostonBoston area under lockdown as police searched for marathon bombing suspect. Pens won, 3-2.
4/20/134/23/13BuffaloPittsburghGame changed to reschedule 4/19/13 Bruins game. The Sabres defeated the Penguins, 4-2
1/24/16CancelledPittsburghWashingtonWinter storm leaves Washington, D.C. under two feet of snow. The Caps won, 3-2.
3/12/20CancelledPittsburghColumbusSeason cancelled due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
3/15/20CancelledNY IslandersPittsburgh"
3/18/20CancelledPittsburghNew York Rangers"
3/20/20CancelledNew York RangersPittsburgh"
3/31/20CancelledNew JerseyPittsburgh"
4/2/20CancelledNew York RangersPittsburgh"