A List of Pittsburgh Penguins First NHL Goals

A List of Pittsburgh Penguins First NHL Goals2019-02-01T19:31:26+00:00
Total number of Penguins’ first NHL goals that were unassisted out of 185.
Number of seasons into career before scoring first NHL goal, by Noel Price.
Fastest time for first NHL goal from the start of a career, by Jake Guentzel.
Number of Penguins players to score a goal in their NHL debut.
Number of Penguins players that scored on their first shift in the NHL.

NHL Debut, First NHL Goal

Player Date Opponent Assists Goaltender / Time / Notes
Ron Snell 3/25/1969 Minnesota North Stars unassisted Fern Rivard; 37:55
Rick Kessell 3/21/1970 Chicago Blackhawks Sather, Harbaruk Gerry Desjardins; first shift: 2:19
Pierre Larouche 10/9/1974 Minnesota North Stars Arnason Caesar Maniago; 30:34
Blair Chapman 10/6/1976 Vancouver Canucks Bianchin, Anderson Caesar Maniago; 3:02
Marc Chorney 3/17/1981 Vancouver Canucks Lee, Anderson Gary Bromley: 30:05
Steve Gatzos 2/3/1982 Minnesota North Stars Stackhouse Gilles Meloche; 51:53
Bob Errey 10/4/1983 St. Louis Blues Lamoureux, Bullard Rick Heinz, 39:53
Mario Lemieux 10/11/1984 Boston Bruins unassisted Pete Peters; 2:59, first shift
Rob Brown 10/21/1987 New Jersey Devils Lemieux, Bodger Alain Chevrier; 27:02,
Kevin Stevens 3/1/1988 Minnesota North Stars Dahlquist, Quinn Don Beaupre, first shift: 4:29
Pat Neaton 11/16/1993 Philadelphia Flyers Stevens, Murphy Tommy Soderstrom; 57:27
Aleksey Morozov 10/1/1997 Los Angeles Kings Jagr, Francis Stephane Fiset; 7:20
Evgeni Malkin 10/18/2006 New Jersey Whitney, Recchi Martin Brodeur; 38:38
Luca Caputi 2/3/2009 Montreal Canadiens Thomas, Scuderi Carey Price; 2:30, first shift
Nick Johnson 1/21/2010 Washington Capitals Malkin, Fedotenko Jose Theodore; 22:50
Brian Gibbons 11/18/2013 Anaheim Ducks Malkin, Glass Vicktor Flasth, 43:52
Derrick Pouliot 12/20/2014 Florida Panthers Downie, Spaling Roberto Luongo, 6:56
Jake Guentzel 11/21/2016 New York Rangers Kessel, Daley Antti Raanta, 1:02, first shift