Pittsburgh connections to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Pittsburgh connections to the Hockey Hall of Fame2017-11-10T19:06:30-05:00
The number of people in the Hockey Hall of Fame with a Pittsburgh connection
Number of Penguins players or coaches inducted into HHOF
Number of Penguins from their first Stanley Cup team in the Hall
Pittsburgh inductees, out of 10 to have mandatory waiting period waived. “Red” Kelly and Mario Lemieux
Number NHL players, including Mario Lemieux, to return to play AFTER being enshrined. (Gordie Howe and Guy Lafleur)

“Who could have predicted that he (Lemieux) would make it to the Hall of Fame before Gretzky did?”
– HERB BROOKS, Director of Player Development, and later coach of the Penguins, on Lemieux’s enshrinement in 1997. (Gretzky retired in 1999)

Here’s a list of the 45 men that spent at least a portion of their professional hockey career in Pittsburgh:

Hod StuartBankers / Pros1902-03, 06-07411945First class of HHOF, posthumously
Fred "Cyclone" TaylorPros1908-0931947
Mickey MacKayPirates1928-29101952
Frank FredricksonPirates1928-30401958
King ClancyHornets (Coach)1951-531958Led Hornets to first Calder Cup Championship
Sprague CleghornShamrocks (Coach)1935-36231958posthumously
Bruce StuartVictorias1902-03101961posthumously
William Riley HernKeystones1901-03341962posthumously
Alfred E. SmithDuquesne, Bankers, PAA1901-02, 1908281962posthumously
Jimmy GardnerPros1906-07201962posthumously
Jack StewartHornets1937-39711964
Frank BrimsekYellow Jackets1935-371091966
Marty BarryHornets1939-40131965
Leonard "Red" KellyPenguins (Coach)1969-731969
Sid AbelHornets1938-39411969
Roy WortersYellow Jackets / Pirates1923-281981969posthumously
Thomas SmithPros, Lyceum, Bankers1906-1909461973posthumously
Doug HarveyHornets1966-67371973
George ArmstrongHornets1950-521341975
Gord DrillonYellow Jackets1935-361975
Tim HortonHornets / Penguins1950-52, 71-722641977posthumously
Andy BathgateHornets / Penguins1966-67, 67-68, 70-711561978
John AshleyHornets1950-53881981Inducted as a referee
Gerry CheeversHornets1961-6251985
Leo BoivinHornets / Penguins1967-691541986
Fern FlamanHornets1950-51111990
Scotty BowmanPenguins (Coach, Dir. of Player Dev.)1991 - 19931991
Frank MathersHornets1952-565401992Builder
Bob JohnsonPenguins (Coach)1990-911992posthumously
Lionel ConacherPirates / Yellow Jackets1923-271161994posthumously, Veteran's Committee selection
Bill TorreyHornets / Administration 1962-651995
Mario LemieuxPenguins1984-97, 01-05102219973-year waiting period waived, resumed career after induction
Glen SatherPenguins1969-711321997Builder
Bryan TrottierPenguins1990-19942021997
Joe MullenPenguins1990-1995, 96-974412000
Craig PatrickPenguins (GM / Coach)1989-20062001
Paul CoffeyPenguins1987-923542004
Larry MurphyPenguins1991-954102004
Herb BrooksPenguins (Coach, Dir. of Player Dev.)1999-002006posthumously
Ron FrancisPenguins1991-986302007
Luc RobitaillePenguins1994-95582009
Mark RecchiPenguins1988-92, 05-06, 06-084182017
Howie MeekerHornets player Broadcaster1954 player, 54-55 coach1988Foster Hewitt Memorial Award
Mike LangePittsburgh Penguins Broadcaster2001Foster Hewitt Memorial Award
Dave MolinariPittsburgh Post-Gazette2009Elmer Ferguson Award

* Games in Pittsburgh is a combination of regular season, playoffs –  and in some cases, multiple teams.