Q. Can I submit a photo?
A. Yes, We’d love to build a gallery of fan images. Simply click on the email tab at the upper right side of this page. When we have a few images we’ll put them in a gallery.
Q. Where did you get all the players numbers?
A. Our lists were compiled by examining many different sources. We looked at older programs, media guides, newspaper photographs, official scoresheets and videotapes of older games. Before we add a number to our “official” list we need to see it in multiple places and cross-reference it with online datbases like Hockey Online, Hockey Database and Society for International Hockey Research.
Q. Do you sell older photographs?
A. No. The photographs on the site are owned by several individuals that were gracious enough to share them in this online museum.
Q. Where did you find the old jerseys?
A. Many of the jerseys are owned by private individuals, sports museums like the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum and the International Hockey Archives.
Q. How do you make money?
A. We don’t. The people responsible for this site have real, regular jobs. This is our hobby and passion. We enjoy the research, nostalgia and documenting history.
Q. Do you accept advertising? Can I contribute money for the site?
A. We don’t. All of our content pages are commercial-free. We don’t want ads to interfere with the message. We do receive a very modest commission on banner ads linked to this site that provide an opportunity for this site to sustain itself. Thank you for supporting us and for preserving Pittsburgh’s rich hockey history.
Feeling charitable? We suggest that you send a donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation.
Q. Where do the game-worn jerseys and sticks come from?
A. In most cases the jerseys are owned by private individuals and dealers. We are happy to list the jerseys for free. We are an independent party and we’d be thrilled to add your jersey here. See below.
Q. Why isn’t there any info on the local amateur clubs?
A. There are some bits of info here. We need more and we need your help. Send us a link to your club or school’s webpage. Send us photos and rosters. We’d be happy to put them here.

So, you want to list your Pittsburgh Penguins jersey here?

You can list your Pittsburgh Penguins jersey or stick here as space permits. First priority is given to actual game-worn jerseys or game-used items.
Q. Can I place a listing for a jersey or stick that I want to sell?
A. Yes.
Q. Can I include a photo or scan of the item?
A. You must provide a scan (THEY MUST BE JPEGS) that is at least 350 x 350 pixels @ 72 dpi.
Q. I don’t have a scanner, can I mail a picture to you?
A. Yes. Simply send it to us at: pittsburgh hockey.net / PO Box 181 / Bovard, PA 15619
Q. What else do I need to provide?
A.You must provide a detailed description of the jersey and have a working email account. (A link with your address is provided in the listing).
Q. How do I place an order?
A. We are not brokers. You must make all sale and trade agreements independently from pittsburghhockey.net. Sellers and buyers communicate with each other. Just let us know when we can mark it sold!
Q. How much does it cost?
A. All Penguins jersey listings are free.
Q. Is it an auction?
A. No, it works just like the free classified ads.
Q. Okay, why can you do this for free?
A. It’s great for visibility. It’s great to build a resource. Many people will pass the storefront. It’s very easy to visit to see a variety of things out there. More visitors will generate more interest in preserving Pittsburgh’s hockey history.
Q. Can dealers place brand new jerseys here?
A. Contact us.
USE THIS ADDRESS TO SUBMIT JERSEYS, Keep the images 350 PIXELS at 72 dpi. JPEGS ONLY PLEASE! manager@pittsburghhockey.net.