1968-71 Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys

1968-71 Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys

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Manufacturer: All-Star Sporting Goods

Material: Durene Knit 

White Crest Notes:Circular Crest 

Tagging Notes: All-Star tag in collar

Misc. Notes: Tie-down

Equipment Manager: Ken Carson


The 1968-69 Penguins opened the season with a new logo, marking the first time the familiar mascot was used on a jersey. The scarf was removed from the ’67 logo.

The knit jerseys in this era were made by General Athletic and customized by All Star Sports, in Pittsburgh, and featured the tie-down neckline.

The penguin was made meaner looking with a broader shoulder and the eye looked more determined. The lettering around the crest was reversed to a bolder font. This crest was 8-inches in diameter.

The crest changed slightly again in 1970-71 being reduced to 7-1/4 inches and the blue changed shades, that year’s jerseys were made by Wilson Athletic.

The road jerseys were white and the home colors were blue until 1971-72 when the NHL switched it’s policy regarding home team colors. Home teams began to wear lighter colors.

Although it wasn’t an NHL rule yet, player’s names were added to the back of the jersey in 1970-71 for televised games.

The #21, worn in 1969-70 by rookie Michel Briere (from the Shawinigan team in Quebec), was unofficially retired by the team after a car accident that eventually claimed his life on April 13, 1971. The number was never worn by another Penguins player and was officially retired on January 5, 2001 in a ceremony that raised a #21 banner to the rafters at the Mellon Arena.

Within the year after, the Penguins sent their older jerseys to the Briere’s team in Shawinigan. The players wore them for six games and they lost the every game. They never officially wore them again.

The Penguins did not have an official team captain from 1969 through 1973.

Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital accepted a donation of $3,000 from the public fund-raising sale of about 40 of the team’s home and road jerseys.

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