1990-92 Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys

1990-92 Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys

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Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Ultrafil

Crest Notes:Embroidered

Tagging Notes: CCM in collar/

Misc. Notes: 

Equipment Manager: Steve Latin


The Penguins wore the All-Star Patch patch on their left shoulders throughout the first 10 games of the 1990-91 season.

A complaint from the Chicago Blackhawks (who hosted the 1991 All-Star Game) forced the Penguins to change to a new set of jerseys in 1991 without an All-Star patch.

The jersey that rookie Jaromir Jagr wore when he scored his first NHL goal was a home jersey that featured the All Star patch.

All of the Penguins jerseys through 1992 were knit jerseys made by CCM. Nameplates in this era were slightly larger than the player’s last name, rather than the shoulder-to-shoulder length found on earlier jerseys.

The 1990-91 jerseys would later be adorned with something never before seen on a Pens sweater – a Stanley Cup Finals patch.

The 1991 Stanley Cup Finals patch worn on the upper right chest when Pittsburgh faced the Minnesota North Stars in the Finals. This was the fourth year that teams in the Finals wore a Stanley Cup patch. The patches were added to the third set of jerseys for that season.

The 1991-92 CCM jerseys featured four patches: the teams 25th anniversary patch, the NHL 75th patch, the Badger Bob Johnson memorial patch and the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals patch.

The Penguins used this patch to celebrate the team’s 25th season in the league. It was worn on the right shoulder. The patch design was inspired by the NHL’s 75th Anniversary logo which was worn on the right chest.

Only 22 games into the 1991-92 season, the Pittsburgh Penguins first wore the Badger patch (in bottom photo) on November 27, 1991 – a day after Head Coach Bob Johnson died.

Johnson, who joined the team 17 months earlier, lead the Pens to “the top of the mountain” en route to the franchisees first Stanley Cup Championship. The Pens wore the Badger patch on the left shoulder.

The first half of the season all NHL teams wore their darker uniforms on the road, later switching to lighter jerseys.

When the Penguins reached the Stanley Cup Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, 1992 Stanley Cup Finals patch was sewn onto a separate piece of material that covered the NHL 75th patch. An actual game worn jersey with the 1992 Finals patch will actually have four patches.

The traditional skating penguin logo used for 24 seasons would be semi-retired after the second championship. The next season’s jerseys would be a radical departure, but the familiar Pens logo would return nearly a decade later.

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